Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sketching Boston's Freedom Trail

Ever since returning from the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Barcelona, I've been so inspired and motivated by the event and all the people I met that I began to look for sketching projects I can work on in my home town.

I quickly thought of one of the most famous tourist attractions here in Boston called the "Freedom Trail", a 2.5 mile long red path that goes through downtown Boston, Massachusetts, that leads to 17 significant historic sites and many more smaller interesting landmarks along the way too.

Each Saturday morning I've been heading into downtown Boston, walking the trail and sketching the various historic sites for a few hours. So far I've managed to capture 20+ sketches. It might take a couple of months before I get to capture the entire trail but I hope I can finish before it starts getting cold.

Yesterday was my 3rd week walking the trail and my wife came along too.
She recently found an interesting APP that creates these cute little movies on the spot with real ease. It's real fun and she made one of me sketching too. (The APP's called "Road Movies" made by Honda. yes, the car maker and it's free too!)

This sketch is one of the historic sites on the trail called the "Old House Meeting House" where 5000 angry colonists gathered in 1773 to protest a tax and started a revolution with the famous Boston tea party.

Hope to share more sketches soon.
Walking Boston's Freedom Trail