Monday, June 20, 2016

Sketch NOW think later: Workshop booklets have arrived!

Updated 8/20:

I'm all sold out!

Thank you for everyone that showed interest in my booklet!
My last 2 copies were shipped out to Pennsylvania and Germany today and I'm completely sold out of this booklet.

I hope one day to be able to expand on this material to create a bigger sketching book and to be able to do more classes & workshops.

Thanks again,



Updated 08/10:
I'm super excited to have the booklets finally made available on my shop HERE

Sad news is that I only have a limited amount of copies but hope it's enough for everyone interested in this booklet.



Updated 6/20:

Hot off the press!  I'm so excited that my workshop booklets have safely arrived. I thought they came out really nice, and my cat TenTen agreed too :)I can't wait to share them with everyone that signed up for my workshop.

I ordered more then the amount of people that signed up for my workshop and plan to make them available on my website in August after the symposium.

If you're interested in a copy, please leave your email here and I'll be sure to get back to you with the info! (Sorry, sold out on 8/20)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My first solo sketching Trip to Puerto Rico

Back in December I found out that I needed to use up my 4 days of vacation at work that month or I would lose it - so of course I decided to use it!
Looking around for things to do, I asked my wife if she wanted to go somewhere. Since we recently got 2 kittens, we couldn't leave them alone so she decided to stick around.

Thus my first ever solo sketching trip!
I was super excited and looked everywhere for all possibilities but had a few criteria that was important to me. 
I wanted to be:
  1. a warm place so I could sketch outside.
  2. a place I can walk around everywhere and not have to drive.
  3. a place where there's a direct flight from Boston.
  4. a place that was pretty inexpensive to travel to.
 After lots of searching Puerto Rico rose to the top! specifically "Old San Juan".
If was also off season making everything cheap as well as having mile points saved up that I could use!

2 weeks later I was in Old San Juan sketching my first subject at the hotel:

In total I was able to do 35 sketches and had an amazing 4 days.
Here are a few scans from my sketchbook.

Excited by the trip, after coming home I started working on my 6th book.
To keep the book as raw as possible, I kept all the content as is but only rewrote my hand written letters to make it much more legible- Hope that helps readers want to read my text a little bit more :)

Now available through Amazon.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

100th Hotel drawing in Las Vegas

[By Mike Daikubara in Las Vegas] 2 weeks ago I was in Las Vegas and it was the 5th year in a row I was there working in the trade show booth for my employer Symmons Industries.
Vegas is a strange place in many ways and definitely exhausting too - but what's been great about this annual trip is that my employer allows me to stay at different hotels every year so I can add a new room drawing to my collection!

So it turned out that this drawing of the Aria hotel marked my 100th drawing since I started measuring/capturing hotel rooms 10 years ago!

I'm glad I kept up with this little hobby which turned into an addiction of mine since what I learned and the feedback I've been getting from people has been excellent. I even had my employer purchase a few hundred copies of my Hotel book to give out to our potential customers which is a pretty nice feeling.

Also if you're also in Massachusetts, I have 40 of these drawings currently on display all of May at L'aroma Cafe in Newton so drop on by for a nice cup of coffee and some artwork ! :)

I also noticed I have enough drawings to start working on the 2nd edition of the Hotel book which I'll be starting to work on soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

'Sketch NOW Think Later' Workshop: Booklet

For the past few months I've been preparing for my workshop 'Sketch NOW Think Later ' taking place in Manchester UK for the Urban sketchers Symposium this summer.

The basis of this workshop actually goes back to about 10 years ago when I started carrying a stack of index cards and a pen (+an emergency pencil) at all times and would jot down anything I found relevant at the moment. This could be anything from what I saw that I wanted to research later, design ideas for work/personal projects and sketching ideas.

This workshop is actually made up of all these notes that was on sketching tools, techniques and mindsets that I find fascinating and important to me as an Urban Sketcher. Those thoughts over the years has not changed very much which turned into the core basis of this workshop: To be able to sketch more, with limited time and just have fun!

If you share this same thought, I hope to see you in this workshop!
The workshop booklet shown is currently being printed and will be distributed to everyone that signs up to my workshop :)

Index cards that I always carry with me

Trying to lay out the cards in logical order (while being disturbed by my 2 cats)

A few note cards in details

Sample thumbnail pages of the booklet

Monday, April 11, 2016

Oculus & Titanosaurs in NYC

[By Mike Daikubara in New York City] Attending a Brand Strategy conference in NYC last week, I was also able to slip in some time to see 2 things I really wanted to see in the city: Oculus and Titanosaurs.
Oculus is the new train station build in the ground Zero which had partially opened its door to the public and was just stunning. It seemed to have been a much debated structure requiring lots of time and money to build but I was purely impressed by this elegant structure surrounded by really large buildings near by.



Many of you might already know this but during this trip I learned that you could partially take a panoramic photo on the iphone - meaning you don't have to do a full 180 degrees and can stop it at any time. Addicted to this new technique, I ended up taking a few sketch selfies looking up.

Here's a breakfast scene sitting inside the court area at my hotel. Really cold but had to get this wall display in the hotel:

Times square area. Another cold day - it would be perfect day to be inside a fuzzy costume:

On my last day in the city I headed to the Museum of Natural history to see the worlds largest dinosaur - it's so large and so new that they don't have a real name for it yet but called it the Titanosaurs for the group it fit under.

This was a really challenging sketch to do with tons of people, a dark setting, and no where to stand to get a full view of this dinosaur.  This is the view I had. I had to swing my head 180 to get the entire head to capture this creature!

Using the Panoramic photo setting, I was finally able to get the entire dinosaur. Looking around many people were doing the same thing!

It's 122 feet (37M) long! So long it couldn't fit into the room!

I had fun capturing 2 more dinosaurs before catching my train ride back home to Boston.

Friday, January 29, 2016

I can't eat until I finish Sketching

[Boston] Last year out of surprise, I was invited by a seafood restaurant called B&G Oysters to come sketch their weekly changing coursed meals called Shellabration. It was a great feeling to do a sketch for their social media pages in exchange for great food each week.

This year I was once again invited and will be spending the 7 weeks sketching these amazing seafood feasts and regional specialties from across the world!
I go to the restaurant straight after work so I'm quite tired and very hungry. I think I do one of my best and fastest sketches under these conditions since I can't eat until I finish.
I'm also under great pressure to finish fast since my wife can't eat until I finish too. But she's learned a little trick to 'snack' little pieces that aren't seen in my sketch tough :)

Week 2 was Sicilian Fritto Misto - the large crispy fish was really tasty!
This year they even created a postcard for the event using one of my sketches from last year.

There are 5 more weeks remaining of this event. If you're ever in town,check it out!