Saturday, October 13, 2012

Japanese Ramen noodle's in Boston @ Yume wo Katare (夢を語れ)

Our friend Masa told us about a grand opening of a Japanese noodle shop here in Boston and asked my wife and I if we wanted to go check it out. The store opened at 6 pm but we decided to go an hour later thinking there would be a lot of people and we could avoid the congestion.....
Well it turned out there were easily over 80+ people in front of us in line with outside temperatures in the 40's F!! It was freezing and way below the historic average for this time of the year!
Here's a sketch drawn outside in the dark with really cold fingers of us waiting inline looking inside the restaurant watching people eat noodles:

Yume wo Katare: Waiting on line outside

The name of the Ramen noodle restaurant's called "Yume wo Katare", roughly translated to "Tell your dream"/"What's your dream?" is a successful noodle shop in Kyoto Japan and decided to open up it's first overseas store here in Boston. Why Boston? well it seems they had many reasons but Boston is also the Sister city of Kyoto. The restaurant owners dream is also to have stores opened up in all 195 countries around the world by the year 2030 and Boston was the first overseas store - What a huge dream!

So 2 hours 20 minutes later, we finally made it into the restaurant and sat at the counter looking into the kitchen.

Yume wo Katare: Inside sitting at the counter

For a small restaurant (roughly 16 seats) there were lots of employees with lots of energy working here. It was quite impressive watching them prepare the dishes. The person on the left prepared tons of vegetables (cabbage + bean sprouts) and the person on the right continued to make broth/ soup. The person in the middle prepared the noodles (I believe he was the owner of the restaurant) and when it was ready, he would yell "Ninniku iremasuka?" (Translation: "Do you want Garlic in your noodles?")

Yume wo Katare: Restaurant interior

Here's the sketch of the interior and the noodle dish we had. Great flavor! Crazy amounts of meat/ vegetables even for the small dish that we ordered. Our friend Masa had the large dish but completely finished it! He was so addicted to the noddle that he mentioned that he was going to try coming here at least once a week from now on. When leaving the restaurant we also got 1 banana each!

Yume wo Katare: Waiting in line with Take-chan

Here's a sketch of our friend Take-chan who also waited with us in line outside for an hour but had to go back to work. Well, I hope he get's to try out the great noodles one of these days in the near future and if you're ever in town, swing on by too.  You'll be in for pleasant surprise!

Yume Wo Katare
1925 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140