Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend trip to Toronto

I've only been to a few places in Canada but I l really like it there. It's clean, the food is excellent and the people are really nice. With a flight of less than 2 hours from Boston, I should go there more often but the plane tickets are pretty expensive. I had a voucher for a free night stay at a hotel so that helped offset the overall travel costs.

My wife and I had a few hours to explore the city before meeting our old friends for dinner so we went to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), a building designed by Toronto born architect, Frank Gehry. I had time to sketch one very ornate shell cup from 1500's Germany.

AGO: Art Gallery of Ontario

Dinner with our friends was fun for they took us to a Japanese style "Izakaya"- something I really miss about Japan where you can order small portions of lots of different types of foods. Almost like Tapas (which I loved in Barcelona!) We got their 4 year old son a book on dinosaurs which came with little figures. He knew the name of every single one of them and it was fun playing with him.
Ren with his new Dinosaurs

A trip can't end without sketching the room interior! This was the first hotel I stayed in that had a huge balcony. I needed to sign a waiver though (saying I won't throw things off of the balcony) before they would give me the balcony door keys though..
Hyatt Regency Toronto

Flight back to Boston was from the Billy Bishop Toronto city airport, an airport on a small island literally just across the harbor from downtown Toronto. To get to the airport, you need to take "the world's shortest scheduled ferry" with a distance of only 400 feet (121 Meters). We waited a good 15 minutes to get on the ferry, and the actual ride felt like it was less than 1 minute!
  Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

A fun labor day weekend trip indeed!