Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ramen weekend @ Yakitori Zai

Yakitori Zai is a fairly high end yakitori restaurant located in south end of Boston. I've been there once for dinner and while it was expensive, I enjoyed all the various skewered chicken cooked on charcoal.

They started serving 'Ramen' noodles only during lunch hours on the weekends so we decided to give it a try. While my wife and I waited for our friend Masa to join us for lunch, I was enjoying the 'Yuzu Drop' cocktail while I sketched my wife and the restaurant interior. Our friend arrived, and so did the food so I added the food to the sketch last minute. (Thus the reason on why it looks like my wife has no food and is watching me eat)

As for the Ramen - it was excellent! Completely enjoyed it and finished all the chicken broth soup as well!