Friday, June 14, 2013

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones came to Boston. It was a sold out show and the only tickets that were available were really expensive so I had given up on going to the show.

The day before the show, I received an email from the Rolling Stones website saying they had a number of regular priced tickets available sold only to fans attending the show so I immediately jumped on it and bought 2 tickets to go with my wife.

Picking up the tickets was strict having to show proof of ID, the credit card used to purchase the ticket and also was given a tag to wrap around the wrist showing we bought the tickets. Seats were selected at random and we ended up on the 3rd floor all the way in the back - pretty much the worst seat in the house. Either way we were still excited that we were able to get in. We had time so before the show started so I started sketching with the intention of doing a really detailed sketch.

While I was sketching my wife noticed a staff member walking over to many people seated in our area, checking to see if they had the wrist band on and then handing them tickets. They were given tickets to better seats. 10 minutes into the sketch the man came over to us saying it was his last 2 tickets and told us we could move to row 6 from the stage!! Unbelievable!!


I couldn't get a sketch since I was too excited from all this but here's an iPhone picture taken from our seat - it shows how close we were in comparison to the 1st seat shown in the sketch.

What a great show. And they have been together for 50 years which is amazing too.
To wrap it up, here are 2 T shirts bought at the event.