Monday, April 11, 2016

Oculus & Titanosaurs in NYC

[By Mike Daikubara in New York City] Attending a Brand Strategy conference in NYC last week, I was also able to slip in some time to see 2 things I really wanted to see in the city: Oculus and Titanosaurs.
Oculus is the new train station build in the ground Zero which had partially opened its door to the public and was just stunning. It seemed to have been a much debated structure requiring lots of time and money to build but I was purely impressed by this elegant structure surrounded by really large buildings near by.



Many of you might already know this but during this trip I learned that you could partially take a panoramic photo on the iphone - meaning you don't have to do a full 180 degrees and can stop it at any time. Addicted to this new technique, I ended up taking a few sketch selfies looking up.

Here's a breakfast scene sitting inside the court area at my hotel. Really cold but had to get this wall display in the hotel:

Times square area. Another cold day - it would be perfect day to be inside a fuzzy costume:

On my last day in the city I headed to the Museum of Natural history to see the worlds largest dinosaur - it's so large and so new that they don't have a real name for it yet but called it the Titanosaurs for the group it fit under.

This was a really challenging sketch to do with tons of people, a dark setting, and no where to stand to get a full view of this dinosaur.  This is the view I had. I had to swing my head 180 to get the entire head to capture this creature!

Using the Panoramic photo setting, I was finally able to get the entire dinosaur. Looking around many people were doing the same thing!

It's 122 feet (37M) long! So long it couldn't fit into the room!

I had fun capturing 2 more dinosaurs before catching my train ride back home to Boston.

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