Friday, January 29, 2016

I can't eat until I finish Sketching

[Boston] Last year out of surprise, I was invited by a seafood restaurant called B&G Oysters to come sketch their weekly changing coursed meals called Shellabration. It was a great feeling to do a sketch for their social media pages in exchange for great food each week.

This year I was once again invited and will be spending the 7 weeks sketching these amazing seafood feasts and regional specialties from across the world!
I go to the restaurant straight after work so I'm quite tired and very hungry. I think I do one of my best and fastest sketches under these conditions since I can't eat until I finish.
I'm also under great pressure to finish fast since my wife can't eat until I finish too. But she's learned a little trick to 'snack' little pieces that aren't seen in my sketch tough :)

Week 2 was Sicilian Fritto Misto - the large crispy fish was really tasty!
This year they even created a postcard for the event using one of my sketches from last year.

There are 5 more weeks remaining of this event. If you're ever in town,check it out!

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