Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Sketch Crawl at Falmouth Cape Cod

Last week Erica Szuplat contacted me via Flickr letting me know that she was running a Sketch Crawl in Falmouth, MA - a town at the base of beautiful Cape Cod. I was excited to finally meet some local sketchers and to visit this town for the first time so I drove down about an hour to join the group.
There was an Art Festival taking place here on this day, making it perfect to find a variety of subjects to sketch.

1st warm up sketch of a on old Triumph in great conditions. The driver unfortunately had to drive away just as I was about to add color. He asked me to remove the plate information since he didn't want people contacting him to sell the car.

2nd sketch was of a popcorn vendor selling from a vintage machine made in the 40's. 

While I sketched sitting on the ground, a 2 year old boy came over to watch me pretty much for the entire duration of the drawing and I had some really fun dialogue with him. Here's one that I liked:

boy: "I could draw squiggly lines like you. Are you an Artist?"
me: "Yes I am. Are you an Artist too"
boy: "Yes, and I'm better than you"

His dad near by looked somewhat embarrassed by his child mentioning this but this actually made me really happy. I remembered a quote from Picasso mentioning that "All children are artists" and thought this was so true - so much confidence and no hesitation on

Here's a church sketch a la "Lapin Style"to get everything to fit on 1 page. I've been doing this quite a lot recently and it's quite addictive.

The group of about 12 sketchers met at a nearby coffee shop for a talk, sharing sketches and for me a cold Iced coffee. Photos below are from Erica's Facebook page.

Many came and left quickly but I was able to chat (and get a quick sketch) of the few that stuck around.

It was a fun day, and thanks for the invite Erica!

Before heading back home, I was able to get 1 quick capture of this light house that was in this are too. Light houses are so calming to draw.

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