Saturday, June 21, 2014

2 approaches to sketching looking out the same window

Our friend Tateki & Nao invited us out for dinner at their home in the North End of Boston.
This is an old part of Boston that still has the characteristic left over from 100's of years ago and I especially fell in love with this area when doing sketches last year for my Freedom Trail book. Tateki also mentioned that his apartment had a great view of the city out the window for sketching - so I took up the offer.

I climbed out a small window onto an old/half rusting fire escape ladder fearing for my life but got these 2 sketches of the same view sketched in different approaches.

This 1st one is a funky perspective view trying to fit as much as I can from the ground floor of a 6 story building all the way up to the sky. The bent building in the background is the Old North Church, a historic building part of the Freedom trail.
2 views out the window: Boston North End

This 2nd one was drawn much more straight forward focusing on painting the sky with a little more attention to detail. Since I was using multiple gradient water color washes on my sketchbook, it buckled a little bit making it less ideal to do this style in my current sketchbook.
2 views out the window: Boston North End

This is a personal choice but I tend to prefer the first one since it's always fun not knowing how the sketch is going to turn out in the end and is a challenge in trying to jam pack various views.

Dinner was served and I had a wonderful time at their place.

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