Friday, May 23, 2014

My friend Take's last day @ Charles Street A.M.E Church

My friend Take is a fascinating musician and when it comes to playing the piano, it seems like he can play just about anything.

Ever since Take moved out to Boston about 8 years ago, he's been playing organ at the Charles Street Church. He's had to wake up at 5 AM every Sunday to go play but he's enjoyed meeting the people and playing music so I think it was a hard decision for him when he decided to quit playing so he can focus more time on his own music.

Since it was his last performance, he invited us out to come see him perform.
My wife and I got to the church early in the morning and sat at the 2nd row seat and watched him play non stop.

Since it was his last day, he also came up stage and talked about his 8 years at the church - it was quite moving and brought tears to many that listened.

Thanks for inviting us to see your performance Take!
Here's a picture of him in front of the organ.

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