Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sculptures @ MFA (Boston)

2 months ago I became a member of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and have come here already about 5,6 times to sketch especially on days that are cold or raining. I like this place and usually come with an open mind, walk around, and sketch whatever interests me at that time.
This day the theme seemed to be 'Sculptures'.

1st one was the Kneeling Knight from Spain (1600's)
Very powerful room setting with the stained glass in the background.


Not really a 'Sculpture' but a Burial Urn from Mesoamerica.
There were a few of these some what fun large sized Burial urn's.


Here's Ganesha from Northern India in 11th Century

Amida Buddha from Japan (1737)

The last one was Aizen Myoo from Japan 14th Century.
The sculpture was very lowly lit and was quite scary.

Happy Holidays everyone!