Monday, December 17, 2012

Indian Motorcycles @ Springfield Museum

Not many people know about this hidden gem but about 1-1/2hours west of Boston is a city called Springfield, and they have an amazing Museum comprised of 5 Museums in 1 location! 1 of the Museum is called the Museum of Springfield History and they displayed a few dozen Indian Motorcycles which were produced in this city from 1901 until going bankrupt in 1953. Pretty amazing motorcycles and they were recently acquired by Polaris Industries.

Indian Sport Scout drawn in basic perspective
Indian Motorcycle (1)

Indian Chief with Side car – a little more forced perspective.
Indian Motorcycle (2)

Indian Military model – drawn in complete forced perspective. I really liked how dramatic this one came out.
Indian Motorcycle (4)

Indian V-Twin – a little forced perspective. This one’s a hybrid motorcycle/ bicycle.
Indian Motorcycle (3)