Monday, November 12, 2012

Rainy, windy cold day - lunch sketch

Via Flickr:
Very rainy, windy and cold day I pulled into a public parking lot next to a pond at lunch time and noticed lots of birds in the area. I thought there was something to eat or something that kept them entertained in this area but after noticed after minutes of watching them, they were just patiently tolerating the rain and wind.
It was interesting to watch them all face the same direction towards the wind, with their necks tucked in and all standing (except for the 1 brown bird that just sat down). I odd bird did face towards me for a bit, and one sad bird had a big leaf stuck in its beak.
When the wind would change directions, all the birds would also change directions at the same time too - quite fun to watch.
I'm not sure what triggered it but after a while 1 bird just started flying, then the whole pack flew away too.

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