Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dinosaurs @ MOS (Museum of Science)

This morning for whatever reason I woke up with a real urge in wanting to sketch a dinosaur. Maybe it was because I been looking at my sketching idol LAPIN do so many amazing dinosaurs. I couldn't think of many places in my the area but remembered seeing a few at the Museum of Science when I visited a few years ago.
Saturday morning the place opened at 9Am and I was inside sketching the full scale T-REX model at 9:05AM. This was sketched from the bench conveniently located in front of the dinosaur and it was a nice one to get warmed up with.

Now that I was feeling a little better after doing 1 dinosaur, now I wanted to sketch a 'real' one. Next to the T-rex was a smaller dinosaur skeleton with colorful lights shining on it and the signage in front read "Cliff is Rare". This 65.6 Million Year Old Triceratops skeleton in this condition was considered to be 1 of the the 5 existing one's in the world! Wow, Cliff is Rare.

more sketches to come...