Friday, August 31, 2012

Chicago: Midway Airport Scout Diver plane display

Via Flickr:
O'Hare airport is the larger more famous airport in the Chicago area but there's another smaller nice one called the Midway airport. I've used this terminal a few times and prefer it since there seems to be less traffic to the airport and less delays/ congestion inside the terminal.
On my way to the gate was a large plane hanging from the ceiling called a SBD-3 Dauntless Scout diver plane and this one the actual plane that fought in the battle of Midway during World war II. They found it buried deep under water but pulled it out and restored it to look new.
There were also 3 interactive kiosks to show the details of the battle itself, the technology used on the plane and the connection to Chicago.
I also learned that the airport name was changed to Midway airport in 1949 to commemorate the heroes of the battle of Midway.
This was a nice 1 hour to spend while waiting for my plane time to go back home.

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