Thursday, June 2, 2016

Trip to downtown Atlanta

Georgia Aquarium
[Mike Daikubara in Atlanta, GA] 
Last month I was able to attend a 5 day graphics design conference held in Atlanta. I love conferences - Such a great way to listen to stories, be inspired and to learn from professionals in various disciplines.
Another thing I love about conferences is the ability to travel to new places, and to slip in a sketch here and there.

To start off, here's a mandatory plane interior sketch to get warmed up :)
Delta Airlines

My hotel in Atlanta was in front of the Centennial Olympic park and I walked around that evening.
Here's the World of Coke building also in the park captured right before it got dark, and the top of the building after it got dark exposing the famous coke bottle shape.
The place was closed but every 10 seconds or so I kept on hearing the coke bottle being opened and poured into a glass. After an hour of listening to this, I had to get a drink of Coke even though I rarely drink Coke!

World of Coke - Exterior

Later in the week I was able to check out the inside and it was just really impressive!
It's unbelievable in how personal and emotional they can communicate their drinks since after the tour, I really wanted to drink coke! They also had a section where they had Coke a Cola products from all around the world - very impressive and also got to re-taste my favorite drink from Peru - Inca Kola!

World of Coke - All you can drink Coke products from around the world

Next to the Coke museum was an aquarium. I didn't know anything about this place but it was probably one of the best aquarium's I've ever been too! The building was so nicely layed out and since they were open until late at night (and with a discount) I was able to check it out.
Here's a really dark sketch but managed to somewhat capture the feeling of the place and the colors were later on added in the hotel room.
Georgia Aquarium

My hotel room on the 14th floor had an amazing view of the park and the skyscrapers of downtown Atlanta. It also happened to be the week of a large EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival taking place in the park and every night until 11PM, my room got blasted with the low bass sound shaking my entire room.

Omni Hotel Room View

Also connected to my hotel was the CNN Center - The world headquarters of CNN. At lunch time I sat at the food court and sketched the impressive escalator that went right into the globe shape.

CNN Tower

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