Monday, June 20, 2016

Sketch NOW think later: Workshop booklets have arrived!

Updated 8/20:

I'm all sold out!

Thank you for everyone that showed interest in my booklet!
My last 2 copies were shipped out to Pennsylvania and Germany today and I'm completely sold out of this booklet.

I hope one day to be able to expand on this material to create a bigger sketching book and to be able to do more classes & workshops.

Thanks again,



Updated 08/10:
I'm super excited to have the booklets finally made available on my shop HERE

Sad news is that I only have a limited amount of copies but hope it's enough for everyone interested in this booklet.



Updated 6/20:

Hot off the press!  I'm so excited that my workshop booklets have safely arrived. I thought they came out really nice, and my cat TenTen agreed too :)I can't wait to share them with everyone that signed up for my workshop.

I ordered more then the amount of people that signed up for my workshop and plan to make them available on my website in August after the symposium.

If you're interested in a copy, please leave your email here and I'll be sure to get back to you with the info! (Sorry, sold out on 8/20)


Unknown said...

Too bad you ran out...looks interesting. I hope you print more one day! Or make a bigger booklet even :-)

nicole fritz said...

Any chance you could offer it as a digital download (for purchase)? I love the idea of a booklet versus a book because of its portability :) .

miked said...
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miked said...

Hi Nick, thanks for your interest! This booklet was unfortunately just printed to be distributed to my workshop participants but I will have a full blown 112 page version of this published this October! Hope you can check it out!
Sketch NOW think later on Amazon

nicole fritz said...

Hi Mike,
I've added your book to my list of Amazon pre-orders! Thanks so much for sharing all the info & best of luck with the book!
Cheers, Nicole

miked said...

Thanks Nicole!
and sorry for the name typo :(