Sunday, May 15, 2016

100th Hotel drawing in Las Vegas

[By Mike Daikubara in Las Vegas] 2 weeks ago I was in Las Vegas and it was the 5th year in a row I was there working in the trade show booth for my employer Symmons Industries.
Vegas is a strange place in many ways and definitely exhausting too - but what's been great about this annual trip is that my employer allows me to stay at different hotels every year so I can add a new room drawing to my collection!

So it turned out that this drawing of the Aria hotel marked my 100th drawing since I started measuring/capturing hotel rooms 10 years ago!

I'm glad I kept up with this little hobby which turned into an addiction of mine since what I learned and the feedback I've been getting from people has been excellent. I even had my employer purchase a few hundred copies of my Hotel book to give out to our potential customers which is a pretty nice feeling.

Also if you're also in Massachusetts, I have 40 of these drawings currently on display all of May at L'aroma Cafe in Newton so drop on by for a nice cup of coffee and some artwork ! :)

I also noticed I have enough drawings to start working on the 2nd edition of the Hotel book which I'll be starting to work on soon!

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