Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Butcher Shop @ South Boston

By Mike Daikubara in South Boston

Back in January, I had the opportunity to visit B&G oysters in Boston to sketch their special dishes each week. This was a great experience since I was able to not only have fun sketching but received great food in exchange for the sketches too!

Anyway, fast forward a few months, I received a call from the restaurants parent company asking me if I was interested in doing more sketches at their other restaurants. ABSOLUTELY!!!

The next restaurant I was invited to was The Butcher Shop.
I've passed by this restaurant numerous times one day wanting to visit so this was a great opportunity.

The restaurants quite small but modern and elegant.
My wife and I got to the restaurant quite early and there were seats available but within an hour the place was fully packed.
The Butcher Shop @ South Boston

As the name suggests, this place had lots of meat.
The Butcher Shop @ South Boston

They even had a fully trained butcher on staff elegantly cutting up the various meats.
Here he's slowly cutting up the duck so I can capture a sketch of him in action.
The Butcher Shop @ South Boston

For dinner, we received 3 nice dishes and an impressive Charcuterie board.
It even came with wine pairing too!
I'm Jumping right into sketching so I could get right to eating!
The Butcher Shop @ South Boston 

Here's the finished sketch. They wanted to print it into a postcard so I rearranged the sketches to fit into the postcard proportion.

I once again had a whole lot of fun!

The Butcher Shop @ South Boston

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