Sunday, November 15, 2015

Eating and Sketching: When 2 passions come together!

By Mike Daikubara in Boston, USA

I love food.
As with many Urban sketchers I love to get a quick capture of the food before going into experiencing the taste. This allows me to enjoy the food visually then go into enjoying the food through the other senses.
In January I went to one of my favorite seafood restaurants in Boston called B&G Oysters and as usual made a quick sketch of our food. One of the waiters saw my sketch, said he really liked it and asked if I could send them the sketch. I sent them this sketch.

B&G Oysters

A few days later I was contacted by the Chef from the restaurant mentioning that he really loved my sketch and had a crazy idea. He told me they were starting an even called 'Shellabration" where each week for 7 weeks they were going to introduce a different pre-fixed meal and asked me if I could come sketch it. In return he offered my wife and I a free meal for each visit. I was really excited since this was one of my favorite restaurants to begin with and gave me an opportunity to sketch a different meal each week.

Here's the capture of the weeks I was able to visit:

Week 2: Paella Valenciana w/Pulpo a la Gallega and Bravas
B&G Oysters: Shellabration Week 2

Week 3: Fritto Misto w/Fennel and Pork Lasagna and Warm Squash Salad
Meal before the Blizzard

Week 4: Puerto Rican Chillo Frito w/Lechon Rice and Beans and Papaya Mofongo
Shellabration Week 4 & B&G Oysters

Week 6: Maryland Crab Bash w/Smoked Oyster Hushpuppies and  Hominy Chowder

I seem to be able to focus real hard when I'm hungry since the faster I could sketch, the faster I can eat!

Shellabration Week 6: 3 Whole Crabs!

Final Week: New England Clambake w/Rhode Island Clam Cakes & Grilled Pork Sausage B&G: Shellabration Final week

They used these sketches each week in their social media pages and seems like it was getting quite a number of visitors.

This was a great experience fulfilling both my eating and sketching passion!

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Kamaraka said...

I have laughed with that of having to draw faster and concentrate when hungry.
Very good advice for a loose, spontaneous drawing. I will try the method.