Monday, October 19, 2015

Japanse Ramen (noodle) restaurants in Boston

The past couple of years has been a nice influx of Ramen shops opening up in Boston.
I used to have to drive down to NYC or NJ to have nice bowl of Ramen so this is great!
Here are 3 places I was able to get a sketch of the past years.

Ganko Ramen
The newest place to recently open up in Coolidge corner.
A Sapporo style Ramen and really enjoyed their Shoyu flavor.
Ganko Ramen in Boston

Here's one of my favorite Shio Ramen.
I used to have to drive down to NJ to get a bowl of this - now located in the Harvard area.
 Santouka Ramen - Boston 

Yume wo Katare 
Great flavor. My only gripe - I wish their portions were much much smaller.
But then once again, their customer clientele is made up of heavy eaters so it's probably perfect for them!
 Yume wo Katare: Restaurant interior

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