Sunday, December 28, 2014

Zoo sketching - day after Thanksgiving

I read about a half off admission to the zoo the day after thanksgiving and decided to take a quick visit.

Boy, was the Zoo empty.
It was cold but the sun was out and quite nice.
Franklin Park Zoo (Boston)

Strolling around ran into a Peacock and Camel.
They looked pretty lonely.
Franklin Park Zoo (Boston)

A large indoor building housed numerous tropical birds, animals, insects.

These two little birds were really cute.
They had a small mouse in their mouth and kept on giving it to each other.
The entire time they never swallowed the mouse and when I saw them 30 minutes later they still had the mouse in their beaks.
Franklin Park Zoo (Boston)

Bat sketching.
My little book light came in handy since this display was completely dark with just red lights.
The bats seemed to be surprised by my mini light at first but then settled down.
I never looked at them this close but they were actually quite cute looking.
Franklin Park Zoo (Boston)

Coming to the Gorilla section, this one gorilla sat right next to the window and I had a great view.
He (or she?) kept looking up and we had eye contact numerous times but he didn't really seem interested in me or what I was doing. It was just me and the gorilla the entire time.

I finished the line sketch and for some reason I decided to show the sketch to the gorilla.

The gorilla opened his eyes wide open, looked really surprised, almost even a little shocked and shifted his head slightly backwards. He was fixated and starred at the sketch for a few seconds.

This was my highlighting event of the day.
I hope I didn't scare him since I never expected this type of reaction from him.

Franklin Park Zoo (Boston)

Finished line art.
A few seconds before showing the gorilla the sketch.
Franklin Park Zoo (Boston)

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MiataGrrl said...

Terrific sketches, Mike -- all of them! I had a very similar experience once when I was sketching an orangutan -- I swear he was looking really carefully at the sketch I had made of him. I love all your observations on your notes!