Friday, October 3, 2014

Boston Fire Museum

I've passed by this building numerous times but have never been inside until last week. Open on Saturdays (and sometimes on Wednesdays) to the public, this building was the Boston Fire Museum which was jam packed with fire fighting memorabilia from the Greater Boston area.

The place is owned and operated by The Boston Sparks Association and the volunteers here were energetic and really friendly. They let me sketch here a long time and even gave me some snacks to eat!

"The Abe Linclon" (1882)
This vehicle pumped water using a Steam Engine mounted on the back of the truck! This meant that they constantly needed to have the coal in the back burning just below boiling point so they could be ready to go put out a fire at moments notice. This was a very impressive machine.

"The Plum" (1926)
Kids were allowed to climb onto this truck. They were even given plastic fire fighting helmets to take home. This place was a very children friendly place and even offered rental space for birthday parties.

This fire truck was still in use and was parked outside of the Museum.
I really liked the Boston Sparks Association logo mounted on the side - a skull with a bottle of water and Coffee. Two of my favorite drinks - one for my thirst, and one for my addiction!


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