Monday, August 11, 2014

Half day Fridays: Walking around MIT and Harvard Square

The company I work for has summer hours - which means we work longer hours from Monday to Thursday but on Fridays we get to leave at lunch time. This is great since it makes the weekend feel really long! Last Friday an old friend from California was visiting town so we arranged to meet up for dinner. Heading into the city around noon, I had the whole afternoon to walk around and sketch.

This first one was of the MIT Stata center - The famous Frank Gehry building that I also sketched a month ago with a few Boston Urban Sketchers. I needed to sketch this again since I struggled with it the first time. Personally the building made a little more sense sketching it for the 2nd time.

Walking towards Harvard, I ran into a Baptist church building which I was intrigued in drawing for some reason. Sometimes I'm not even sure myself why I'm attracted to something - so rather than thinking too much about it, I would just capture it. Now looking back at this sketch, I'm still not sure why I sketched it but I still had fun though.

I found out later that this building shown below is called the Harvard Lampoon Building built on a very small plot of land with streets surrounding all four sides. You can't miss this unusual building.

You can always find a bunch of people playing chess near the Harvard Square train station. The players (and the spectators) are so focused on the game that they make great subjects to sketch. I should come here more often to do more people sketches.

After having a pleasant dinner and few drinks with my old friend, I headed back home on the train.
This one's a little exaggerated but there was a big guy watching a video on his phone.

So this was my fun and relaxing Friday afternoon.

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