Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bodies Exhibition

My business trip to Las Vegas went very well and on the last day before going home, I had a few hours to spare before I needed to head to the airport. There was a 'Bodies' exhibition going on at the Luxor hotel so I decided to get a few sketches done.

The entrance had a large sign:
No Photography
No Video
No Cell phones
No Eating
No Drinking
No Back Packs

Luckily, it didn't say 'No Drawing' - and it's times like this I enjoy the powers of sketching.

While I worked on my 1st sketch, I had a few security staff members hover over me but eventually they noticed that I was harmless and was just sketching so they left me alone.

I've seen this exhibition back in NYC many years ago but it still amazes me that all of the displayed figures were 'real' human bodies!

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