Monday, February 17, 2014

San Diego - USS Midway Museum

I was able to visit San Diego for a 3D computer technology conference in January. It was an intense and fascinating 3 day conference but I was also able to find some free time here and there between seminars to visit the USS Midway museum that was in walking distance from the convention center.

In front of the museum was a very large sculpture of the very famous "Kiss":

This was the 1st plane that caught my attention on board the USS Midway aircraft carrier.

While I was sketching this plane, I could sense someone was watching me the entire time that I was sketching. Speaking to the man dressed in colorful aviation clothing, it turned out he was an ex-pilot that used to fly this exact plane! We chatted, had a wonderful conversation and also had the opportunity to draw him too.

I moved onto sketching some other fascinating planes on deck. I only had limited time so I sketched really fast and I personally enjoy that sketches I do when I have limited time - I seem to have better concentration.

During the trip I also did my 'mandatory' hotel room sketch too.
Looks quite straight forward but since the room was not exactly rectangle, this one took a long time to do. It might have been me but the room always felt cold - but it was a nice room to stay in though.