Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chester Fair in Connecticut

Chester Fair in Connecticut by mike__d
Chester Fair in Connecticut, a photo by mike__d on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
After visiting and riding the Steam Train and River boat, we found out that there was a local fair taking place near by and decided to drop on by.
Chester Fair took place in a small location but was packed with people and lots of energy. Reading a little bit about the history, they have been doing this annual fair since 1877 and consisted of lots of farm based events.
Here was one event I was fascinated by since I've never seen anything like it. 2 Massive cows were tied to (I believe) 4700lb concrete blocks on a wooden sled and they competed on how much distance the cows can pull in one tug. The distances were small, from a few inches to a little over a feet but so much energy went into the few seconds of pulling the rope. Once the distance was measured, the truck would pull the sled back, the people would clean up the dirt, then they would repeat the event.
It kind of reminded me of a Sumo match where the preparation takes lots of time then the actual event is a dash of energy.

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