Thursday, May 26, 2016

My first solo sketching Trip to Puerto Rico

Back in December I found out that I needed to use up my 4 days of vacation at work that month or I would lose it - so of course I decided to use it!
Looking around for things to do, I asked my wife if she wanted to go somewhere. Since we recently got 2 kittens, we couldn't leave them alone so she decided to stick around.

Thus my first ever solo sketching trip!
I was super excited and looked everywhere for all possibilities but had a few criteria that was important to me. 
I wanted to be:
  1. a warm place so I could sketch outside.
  2. a place I can walk around everywhere and not have to drive.
  3. a place where there's a direct flight from Boston.
  4. a place that was pretty inexpensive to travel to.
 After lots of searching Puerto Rico rose to the top! specifically "Old San Juan".
If was also off season making everything cheap as well as having mile points saved up that I could use!

2 weeks later I was in Old San Juan sketching my first subject at the hotel:

In total I was able to do 35 sketches and had an amazing 4 days.
Here are a few scans from my sketchbook.

Excited by the trip, after coming home I started working on my 6th book.
To keep the book as raw as possible, I kept all the content as is but only rewrote my hand written letters to make it much more legible- Hope that helps readers want to read my text a little bit more :)

Now available through Amazon.

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